Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords management is a way for individuals and corporate entities to manage their Google AdWords marketing campaigns. The websites and pages hosted on Google and other search engines can easily be traced via the use of some key words which are commonly used during routine searches by customers seeking information and products on the Internet. As a result, there are several firms that provide Google AdWords service that includes professional audits on the AdWords running on a site with the aim of getting more hits on the key words which translates to more traffic to that particular site.

Google AdWords management operates on the concept of Pay per Click (PPC) which is intended to give companies optimum visibility at rates that are commensurate to the rate of hits their sites register. Google itself determines the rates for a certain key word based on historical factors, navigability of the website and transparency in the nature of the business among other factors.

Although Google AdWords management does not provide a standard package, there are some features like the account set up, text and graphical designs among others which come with all advertising packages. More advance Google AdWords service packages include keyword identifications and periodic re-designing and changing of keywords. Some consultancies offer bid management programs with their packages and also proprietary analysis tools but these are the exceptions rather than the norm.

Google AdWords management on the other hand entails the optimization of key words on any given website, monitoring of the client response, evaluation and replacement of key words based on responses and advertising feedback among other services. It also enables a firm to remain competitively visible while making the most of the search engines with which they are listed. Some of these services can be carried out by the Internet marketing department of a firm or outsourced from other AdWord management agencies available; usually on the Internet. Outsourcing saves on the time a firm spends on monitoring returns on Google AdWord service and making appropriate adjustments or replacements. More so, more specialized personnel with technical skills on AdWords management handle the job.

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Although many firms using the Google AdWords management system know how they work, they are usually not adept at generating high Click Through Rates (CTR) and high conversion rates. CTR refers to the number of people clicking on the keywords on adverts and search engines posted to direct Internet users to a particular site. The number of this ‘human traffic’ is determined as a percentage of the total traffic to other sites and gives an indicator of how much response the advertisement is eliciting. Part of AdWords management involves an intensive keywords research to determine their relevance, cost per click, history and competitiveness in the current market situations among other things.

When increased traffic on a website translates into sales, the cost of advertising in the pay per click model is greatly alleviated. Google AdWords management software may make this easier although managing that program requires training and experience which is better harnessed at consultancy level. The Google AdWords management has been greatly enhanced so clients can now track calls from their adverts offline through their phones, and without the traditional need of receiving voice calls from clients.

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